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  1. HI again, yes its the proper Tamiya Mk2 Escort shell, I thought it would be M chassis and I was looking for an alternative older/cheaper chassis just to getr it going ...
  2. Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, I just bought the Mk2 Tamiya shell, sprayed it up and now looking for a chassis for the shell to fit on..?? Not looking for anything expensive, I have a tt01 chassis but I think the shell is smaller..?? Thanks for your help,
  3. Ive just bought and built the new Escort Tamiya shell, now Im looking for a chassis to race with, is there any alternative to buying the specified chassis, Im just wanting to get it going for display or maybe race for fun without major expense.. Thanks..
  4. Hi, Thanks for the info, cant wait to get started, got my Escort shell today but having trouble getting a Tamiya M chassis...at a reasonable cost of course..!!! Thanks guys for all your help, Im sure I'll be back again...!!!!
  5. Hi there, Thanks for that info, I was sure I thought a Tamiya chassis would fit this shell, I take it you can also run on the minilite wheels of the Mini, do they fit inside the shell or do you have to cut the shell a bit more...?? Thanks for all the help lads, cant wait to get something built and do a bit of rallying with my MK 2 Escort....
  6. Hi thanks for that, Ive ordered an Escort shell of them on ebay, they are 1/12 scale just wanted to know if they would fit any Tamiya chassis..??
  7. Hello, Im just getting back to rc cars after a wee beak.......Can anyone tell me about KAMTEC BODYSHELLS.. Im sure I read somewhere the these shells would fit onto a Tamiya M05 Mini cahssis..?? Am I right or can they only run with Kamtec equipment...?? Thanks hope someone can shed some light on this for me......cheers..!!
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