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  1. had the boat out today and the pick up is fine .. the boat seems to bog down a fair bit before getting up onto the plane then its fine but it doesn't seem right to me .. takes a few seconds to get going and the batteries only last about 6 or 7 mins ... the batts are new 3s and the boat runs on two of them 6s but it thought they would last a bit more ... 5000 mah and 8000 mah ... any suggestions ??
  2. that's a good idea mate might give it a try ...
  3. hi guys i bought a new boat today sonic wake 36 ... this is my second boat but i haven't owned a boat in years .... did my homework and decided to add another cooling line ... the rudder is now for the motor and the extra line is for the esc ... couple of questions .. did i do the job the correct way and how far down must the new tube i fitted be to the water ? iv read about too far down and you get drag so is there a perfect depth for the tube ? the kit i bought has the big bore tube about 6mm i think and 4mm silicone tubing is that ok for cooling the esc ? thanks guys ....
  4. blacked out the windows on the arma .. got my battery adopters today so i can get it out for its first run any time ..
  5. mate i'm not going to spend a fortune on this one because the baja was madness the amount of money i spent on it ..hopefully just thrash it and keep it going ...
  6. jeeeez if i had of known you were on here i would have stayed away lol ... how are you bro ? didn't know you were still into rcs mate what have you got ? edit .. i see you have a few .. defo thought you were done with rcs mate ...
  7. aye Raj that's it ... i seen his GTR with the fancy plate on it .. never heard of the other guy mate i'm sure someone knows him though ...
  8. he had the blue losi shelf queen .. he was Leas mate i met him at a bash in England he is a dentist .. is that him ?
  9. i rang spent tonight to tell him about my new car .. i speak to lea every now and then but that's about it mate ...
  10. i was off the bikes for 10 years and bought an xjr 1300 then a zzr 1400 and now i have the zed ... got a good price for the xjr and the zzr was sore to ride because of my gammy wrist and hand ... felt sick having to sell the zzr ...
  11. don't talk to me about bikes .. i cycled for 3 years and had carbon bikes my last one stood me £3,500 .. gave it up a few months ago and am back to running .. i also bought a new motorbike last year .. brand new z900rs kwak .. love it ...
  12. aye i remember something about that .. yes mate i'm fine .. seen the infraction on youtube and thought here we go again lol ....
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