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  1. Sorry it took awhile I was determined to take these outside and it rained for the last two days lol! Its a work in progress but here she is. Started life as a Lightning 2 RR and I dipped out of the hobby for a few years came back and brushless was actually affordable now so I got the bits to convert it to a Trophy Flux and then found some old savage wheels with 17mm hexs I had (I had planned on doing this nitro years ago) which bought the project back into mind, along with the grass being a little bit too long for a buggy nearby. So i set about getting the arms etc from the Truggy Flux, everything fits right on with no mods, im also under the impression a lot of vorza/d8 parts would fit aswell as they seem to share a lot of components. Rough part list; Buggy bits: Original Hot Bodies Lightning Trophy buggy chassis + motor mount + steering assembly as the lightning one is a little wider (you can just use the steering plate that links the servo savers from the trophy) Battery mount, esc mount and servo/reciver mount. Truggy Bits: Trophy truggy arms, cvds and turnbuckles and shock towers + and body posts. HPI big bore shocks and the firmest springs I could find Front Bumper Misc Bits: Proline calbire tires (looking out for some badlands if anyone can link me to some for truggy size wheels) I have some rear mudguards for the buggy arms on at the moment but tbh they do hardly anything as they dont cover the whole arm so im also looking for the truggy versions of those. Default Motor and ESC combo from a trophy (think its RAGE?) as it was easy for me to get hold of but I would like to upgrade that at some point. Beetle buggy for a Emax (mounted a little high on the front in these photos) Proline 17mm extenders as I had them lol. To Do List: Im thinking stronger chassis braces would be a good idea (I havent bent anything I just suspect it would be wise long term) Badlands Tyres Fit the truggy hubs on the front end as they look a bit tougher than the buggy variant I have on now, and probably get the milled steering arms) Find some better super glue for the tires as i keep ripping these off! Had it out in a local and very damp skate park the other day, did great lol only thing is I feel like the chassis is bottoming out a lot on jumps that are only about 4ft high, not sure if I should stiffen up the suspension or not as I know the bottoming out does take the strain off other components and i'm not always driving it in a skatepark, usually softer terrain. It will wheely from standing still with aggressive throttle, not sure about back flips as i have the wing mounted. Its a little messy from the last trip out so forgive that! I have a few questions for anyone reading this, Im not sure what I should be using for diff oils, at the moment it still just has grease in the diffs and I have no idea where to start. :S After some truggy badlands for a reasonable price, are they around the same size as the calbires I have on now? Also proline say you can stretch the 3.8 ones over 4.0 rims, is there and art to this? Where can i source some truggy mud guards for the rear arms? as you can see in the photos grass gets wrapped round the cvds a lot!
  2. Ive got almost exactly this built up at the moment, ill take some photos later on and post them up for you! My journey was basically Lightning 2rr - Trophy Buggy bits to make it brushless and then the Truggy arms etc. Im only using the default HPI Motor and ESC in it for now as it was easy to get hold of. Its great fun though!
  3. Hi all! Hoping you can help me, I have the motor and esc combo from a trophy flux but I cant see how to set the low voltage cut off for 4cell Lipos. Ive skimmed the manual but nothing popped out at me, could be being a bit thick though Anyone know how I can set it up? Thanks!
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