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  1. Only one I could find was in Preston; http://www.wirelessmadness.com/
  2. Looks ace does that . I want one now lol. Lee.
  3. PHPBB3 is great, I love it. Easy to use and such a nice interface. If you want decent chat, have a look at the Tufat flashchat script, it's $5. Lee.
  4. He asked for a beginners heli, not a 6 channel CP stunt copter. I still stand by the MCX, I might buy another myself. Lee.
  5. Yes I do! Lol. All joking aside I really would like to go to KNE, sucks I'm down in Wakefield.
  6. Blade MCX. Brilliant little helis. Lee.
  7. I know you got it in America, but over here that's a Hong Nor X1 CR. Spares and such can be had from quite a few places, such as Modelsport and JE Models. Engine looks to be a rebadged Force 26, the same one that Hot Bodies put in the Lightning Stadium Pro and Sport. As for servos, depends on your budget. If you want the best of the best and not really bothered about spending alot, go for an XP Digital DS1015 for steering and DS1313 for throttle/brake. However these, as well as the Power HD servos are digital and you'll need a 2.4Ghz radio system. Again if you want good stuff, go for Spektrum, there's quite a range, I recommend the DX3C. As for the engine cutting out when you remove your glow igniter, it could be that the plug is too cold and you need a hotter one, I've never had a problem with the OS #8. Oh and your first picture shows the engine without an air filter fitted. If you don't have one, please purchase an air filter, running your engine without one is a sure way to quickly kill your engine, again there's quite a range, if you need advice on which one to purchase, just ask. If you still use the 4 AA batteries for the receiver then another recommended upgrade is a rechargeable 6v battery pack, this is especially essential if you wish to upgrade your servos. As for the bodyshell, Modelsport sell a clear replacement that you have to paint yourself, no stock at the moment but they'll be happy to back order it for you. Lee.
  8. You were informed wrong then. 25% is more than adequate for bashing. I've never raced in my life, all my cars that had an engine larger than a 21 were run on 25% fuel. I never had a problem. Lee.
  9. Who cares whether he does or not? Of course the engine will run on 16 and 20% fuel, any engine will run on any blend of nitro fuel but it's a simple fact the engine is better suited and will run better with a nitro percentage of around 25%.
  10. The MTA4 has a 28 engine, 25% is the recommended fuel amount for that size engine. And optimix will give you very little power, it's a really crap blend. Seriously go for 25%.
  11. There's nothing wrong with the Modelsport branded MT 25% fuel. I used it in my last car and didn't have a problem. Lee.
  12. To be fair the whole thread has gone off topic, I asked people which next gen console they would be purchasing upon release, not PC fanboys to spout crap about why PCs are superior.
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