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  1. I just noticed your post from back in 2007 asking if there was anyone in the Dumfries area which got no replies. Well guess what, I'm from the Dumfries area, more specificity, Dalbeattie.

  2. Yo! I know its been a while now, but whats happend since your last update ? I'm gonna start working on my parents MGB Roadster shortly as they've left it to rust etc Be cool to see what else youve done to yours.
  3. you shouldn't have bubbles in the fuel line, sounds to me like there's a leak in the tank or fuel line mate, replace the fuel lines first of all to see if it makes a diff But as others have said... I'd prime it by blowing down the pressure line
  4. Aye its a genuine thing paypal / ebay do with people on under 100 feedback. However, you still shouldnt leave feedback untill you recieve the payment, under any circumstances, i sold a laptop and they did this payment hold thing, i phoned paypal and they told me it would be fine to send (I was a bit dubious about doing it tbh but its fine) How can you sell him this anyway if you've sold it on eBay ???
  5. Its the LSN that needs slightly leaned out as its too rich at low speed and bogging the engine down. dont go mad with it just turn it 1/8th untill it can take away ok. Then start tuning the normal way.
  6. If your new to nitro, buy one thats brand new, that way your not buying something with problems you know nothing about. You WILL spend 70% of the time fixing and adjusting settings / putting in new parts / etc etc So if you dont want to, simple answer is, dont buy a nitro ! I've had a Savage 25, Revo 2.5 and a Hyper 7, and i can 100% say that the hyper has been by far the easiest to work on, the most reliable, and the most fun. So my advice is... buy one of those, you wont be dissapointed.
  7. try filling the hole with superglue and put the hex in, keep it in place for a good while untill it hardens. Engine screws will have threadlock, which is why its usually hard as hell to remove them, but a decent hex driver is a must.
  8. Welcome to the world of Nitro ... I guarentee youll spend 70% fixing or preparing it for your next outing and 30% of the time running it .... if your lucky
  9. Reason it ran away ... You adjusted the throttle trim on the handset, so its revving (false idle) applying brakes wont return the servo to the normal position so the brakes wont come on, (or very lightly if at all). Reason its hard to start ... new engine ? tight, needs the LSN leaning out 1/8th perhaps a little more as its too rich for break in. i'd ... Sit the car on blocks, turn the Idle 1/8th clockwise, turn the LSN 1/8th clockwise, prime (blow down the pressure tube) then start it but be quick on the Tx to keep the engine going. If it goes to cut out when you leave it to idle, you need to turn the idle another 1/8th
  10. Read the Noob FAQ at the top of this section, or in my sig
  11. Hows about trades for a PS3 80Gb with 5 games ...
  12. Max temp - 270f - 132.2c normal 210f to 250f - 98.8c to 121.1c Minimum 200f - 93.3c Just to add ... i was out with my Hyper tonight, was getting temps on 240 - 255 after speed runs, which is great, loads of smoke. I used to run it 265+, which was a bit nippier but i'd rather loose a little speed and have the engine last longer Anyway, my servo horn has worn now so i have to wait on a new one coming
  13. Nitro cools ?? !! and here was me thinking that's what combusted !
  14. Damn i havnt even had time to add everyone on mine yet, with the nice weather ive been out building a shed, buying a lawn mower, mowing the grass ..... ohh im officially an old fart !!
  15. i dont think yur priming the engine enough mate. Try taking the tube off the exhaust off and blow down it till the fuel goes through the fuel tube to the carb, then give it another small blow so that the fuel enters the carb. 2nd , try adjusting the LSN needle 1/8th clockwise to lean the LSN mix as its set far too rich which will make it harder to start. And as said above, you really need a higher %age nitro, 20% at lowest and pref 25%
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