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  1. did you manage to get them wheels/tyres?
  2. i was going to mention the jp pipes but unsure if there are better ones out now.
  3. welcome to the forum mate 🙂 dont forget engine heater too.
  4. ok guys, i have a skyrc leopard 60a esc and i dont know what to do with it. it works with some motors but the program card doesnt work with it. is it faulty or am i doing something wrong?

    1. Gaz!


      Did you buy it new? 
      maybe message the seller, they could help and if not Google search and I’ll bet that there is a online video of one being set up.


      are the motors suitable matches to that esc, or is it just random?


      cheers. :good:

    2. froggy8


      it was from a joblot, it was setted up but never switched on. had it few years.


      yeah it seems the motors are random.

  5. froggy8

    Optima Mid

    i am still trying to figure out which kyosho i owned years and years ago. just had to google this and it does look familiar but still not sure if this is the one.
  6. that is great to hear 👍 looks like you had fun 🙂
  7. when i saw the first pic, i actually thought it was a real car 😄
  8. cool, yeah 1/18th is alot smaller than 1/14 so guess its not too bad 🙂
  9. you wrote that you enjoyed the build, didnt some of the build annoyed you as they are really small?
  10. if you look close enough, you can make out a devil sitting on a big chair with his minions kneeling down in front of him and in the background bats flying.
  11. that is coming along nicely mate 🙂
  12. this is totally different! its like a snake theme, i really like it! good one mate 🙂
  13. froggy8

    Lego fanatics

    just started looking at legos and came across this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mindstorms-51515-Lego-Toy/dp/B082WD5YV9 has anybody built one?
  14. since hobbyking uk has closed, where do you get small 2s lipos for mini cars from please?

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    2. Kpowell911


      You tried Amazon?

    3. froggy8


      yeah, i probably would have bought them.


      no, not tried amazon. will have a look on there now. thanks 🙂 

    4. Nomsicle


      I get my cheap lipos from amazon now hobbyking has closed, they're not much more expensive than hobbyking was.

  15. i have a few, very handy if you cant be bothered using your charger to check the voltage.
  16. looks good but sorry, i have decided to try get hold of a hyper tt now, will edit the title.
  17. just thought it was a thread worth reviving 🙂
  18. yeah you are right, was hoping maybe he might have some smaller ones too.
  19. @everclear1984 might be interested in a motor, he is after an esc too.
  20. yeah i missed out on a few hyper tt too 😞 that is another rc i want to try get too.
  21. this is a tough question because there is a few i want but dont know which one to get next 😄 i do think i will be getting the brushed mini revo when that gets back in stock and i will be getting another lc racing truggy at some point.
  22. even better, its in uk and in stock 🙂
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