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  1. years ago, alot of people used to have problems tuning that engine, i cant recall but i am sure i had that engine too and i was getting some trouble tuning that, cant remember if i managed to tune it or sold it as is 😄
  2. looks awesome mate! let me guess, you will be changing color on the servo washers or keeping it as is?
  3. can i ask why you have sunmerged the motor in water? never seen anyone do this before.
  4. awesome build! one thing i did notice is the motor, with all the other lc racing cars i have had, never had/seen that motor. looks really good too.
  5. you need to post up another video when you try the esc out, i think it will be more powerful than your older unit.
  6. @Tug wow......never seen an esc that big!!!
  7. i had a revo years ago, i really liked that truck but i couldnt tune the engine no matter what i did. i just boiled it down to faulty engines as i had no problems tuning other engines. hopefully you will find one mate 🙂 about your hyper gt shell, will you be like me? just use a battered shell instead of using your new shell? i do the same with the wheels too, new things for ornament kind of thing.
  8. i still need to try find a place for when i do get a nitro 🙂 i completely forgot about the hyper MT, i would also choose that over savage. savage was bit of a pain when stripping, the hyper MT looks quite simple.
  9. when you mentioned off road, i immediately thought of the savage and hyper 7. at least you have a place to run them, i havent found anywhere yet.
  10. so aj, will this be a continue thing like buying more nitros or is one enough? it sure seems like you had a good time with it.
  11. awesome vid mate 🙂 been so long since i have seen any new nitro running vids.
  12. here you go mate: its on second page nearer the bottom.
  13. i think i have read in the feedback page that after 3 days, you cant edit. i cant remember why though. will have to read the thread again.
  14. mini 8ight 120 collected traxxas velineon 20 collected castle motor 60 collected servo 20 collected bump, price lowered.
  15. the mid range needle should never be touched, if uyou have moved it by accident then move it back to flush. the idle gap should be between 1-2mm.
  16. hi guys, i need to do a proper coolant flush and wondering what is the best way in doing so? do i need to remove the thermostat? i have a drain tap that i can use but would it be better taking the lower radiator hose off? which of the lower hose do i remove?




    many thanks guys



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    2. froggy8


      mot been clean last 3 years and its done 90k. cam belt been done 4k miles ago.

    3. ostewart


      Enjoy 🙂

      Still love my Focus - lovely to drive and parts are cheap

    4. froggy8


      its been great past few days driving it, been checking coolant and oil and both still full, well coolant is on minimum, i just havent topped it up yet.

  17. good choice bud 🙂 i have always used an engine heater. mine is the older version with car bulb 😄
  18. invest in a temp gun, that way you know if your engine is overheating and you have the correct temp to start you engine.
  19. yeah that has happened to me before. if its a new engine, i heated it up to 200f then it started within 2 pull. i am not sure why the pullstart goes back in aggressively, all i can think of is maybe the engine not hot enough?
  20. i always use a engine heater, it makes starting the engine a breeze. when i broke my engine in, i used to leave the idle gap slightly higher or move the throttle trim bit higher.
  21. wow.....someone with another nitro? is nitro coming back now? 🙂
  22. only people i know who had experienced with the rustler is @Kpowell911 and @Andy20xe hopefully they can share their knowledge with you.
  23. i really cant wait to see the video of this. its getting rarer and rarer to see people videoing their nitros.
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