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  1. Btt Bullet sold, gst still for sale, sensible offers.
  2. Hey guys, selling up and leaving the sport. Both cars are RTR! GST 7.7 is in very good condition, run less than 10 tanks and never abused ( strictly flat ground running ) slight scuff on cooling head, nowt big tho. All parts are standard except for a hitec throttle servo, fasttrax fail safe fitted and working. I do have a roto start plate which I did use but have taken it off and installed a pull start, Roto plate will be included. Hump pack for the receiver is also included. Everything you see in the photo is what you will get. Price wise I am not to sure, looking around the
  3. Hey guys, want to sell my gst and bullet. Gst is in great condition with pull start fitted and a roto start ready to install, bullet needs a new shock tower and shell. Both run fine, less than 10 tanks in gst and probably 20 tanks max in bullet. Do you think i should sell together or go individually? and what would you say is a fair price? Cheers guys
  4. Hey guys, struggling to get my GST started after not running for a few months. What I have noticed is where the exhaust meets the engine its very loose and the spring that held it on is missing, could these be a contributing factor? Cheers guys.
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm got a sneaky feeling it might be the forward/reverse servo sticking. Can i just stick it into forward and disconnect? Cheers. Also when i push the car (not running) should it run freely one direction but not the other?
  6. Thanks for the reply mate. I am not to clued up on what part is what. The clutch bell spins freely one direction but bites the other. When it bitse it engages the cogs next to it and turns the wheels. Should this be happening? Cheers
  7. Hi again guys. Got a new OWB for the GST, couldnt get the engine off so i took the back end off and replaced the OWB, put the car back together and crossed my fingers, wooohoooo started like a dream.......... applied throttle and engine rev'd its nuts off but this damn car dont move. Any ideas what is wrong with this damn truck now? P.s. i turned the idle down a touch because it seemed high and i am sure the car started to move before it cut out if that helps. Cheers again guys.
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys. Just taken it out for a quick run with the nipper and she has only gone and pulled the pull start string out so it wont recoil ( very nice of her ). I have taken the pull start off and WOOOOOSH out springs a coil, am i shafted?
  9. mattadon

    2WD Bullet

    Can i take the dog bones out my Bullet and run as rear wheel drive? Fed up of the dogbone popping out no matter how much i pack out the diff cup.
  10. Just looking for a roto start bar and a CEN GST owb, cant find the bearing anywhere. Cheers
  11. Found out no O ring in the left cup. I cut up some fuel line to mimick the O ring and all went well....... and then the bloody thing fell out again and again and again. What can i do to sort this? Cheers.
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