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  1. I kinda wanna sell 6/7 RCs, and build something ‘special’. A mental X maxx, a Brushless Losi 5t or a Tamiya Big Truck…….

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    2. Jack Reacher

      Jack Reacher

      I cant offer much help on this but if you were to sell a chunk of the rc`s that maybe just dont get much run time, it would give a good pot to do a rather special build that might get a lot more run time

    3. tomr


      Personally I’d save up your money for a super build unless you’re stuck for space 👍

      Some of mine might not get used for 12 months or more but I always come back around to them. 

    4. Nitroholic


      I have had the urge to do this sort of thing before too....


      I look at things like Tamiya Clod Busters, and think about a proper monster build based on one.... or making an oversized statement piece like a largescale tank or half track ... but I usually don;t bother. Over sized vehicles tend to get sidelined faster with me as its just such a lot of work and effort to take one out anywhere. Build a 6 wheeled 3 engined monster Baja and find its too bulky to carry.


      Thats why I ended up building a 6x6 Hyper.....because it was something different and usable!

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