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  1. Parents worst nightmare when they know something isn't right with there kids.... but taking 5years to get the answer knowing it'll never be good news 😞 But knowing is half the battle, and fight I must for him! 

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    2. Lone-wolf


      All the very best for your little lad, i know how you feel, i have a daughter that is 31, she has struggled with her health a long time and now has feeding tubes and such in her tummy and loads of other stuff going on, good luck

    3. wombat


      Feeling for you, went through a similar situation 49 years ago 👍

    4. bertberr


      Sorry to hear that, I doubt things could be much worse for you - your kids health is so important.  Hope things improve for you and the little lad, even if only a little. 😔

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