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About Me

Middle aged motorbike fanatic who spends all his spare time messing about with engines large and small. In between, I have to squeeze in time for a job, a wife, 2 kids and a collection of reptiles. Not the standard family household.....
Started the Nitro thing a few years back when I bought an XT2 buggy, and have had so much fun with it I had to have another ...and another..and then more!
Now I have got the taste for it, I am getting more involved with modding the things and spend a lot of time locked away in the shed cooking up wild schemes. There isn't a standard Rc in my collection!

Projects completed to date include a twin engined Savage, 5th scale Sandscorcher replica with a proper Baja Beetle shape, and a Baja turned into an FG Beetle lookalike. It's short...it's wide and it's silly!

Have some other crazy schemes up my sleeve, including ( but not limited to) building a 6-wheel Savage, amphibious car and a desire to build a largescale RC tank.....
One day, all these things will happen smile.gif

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