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  1. Downloading this now for my boys birthday tomorrow 🤗
  2. I agree.I wasn't keen on the look with the spare tyre mounted and looked wrong without it.Its a pity you can't get a proper wing mount for it.
  3. Fitted a 6s typhon wing to the dr8
  4. I am glad to see they are bringing the rally back aswell.
  5. Got to say the stock tyres on damp cut grass are the worst I have ever used.
  6. Had another car park bash with the gt and added the hyper decals as my boy said it looked a bit plain without them.
  7. Typhon 3s tyres and 100k/500k/100k diff fluids and it drives really nice now.
  8. Mine and my boys.Apart from the shocks you really don't need anything.My truggy one is brushless(not the pro brushless set up but my own system fitted)and neither of them have broken anything yet even with being driven flat out into walls.Oh apart from bodyshells that are very brittle.
  9. Took this out for its first run on typhon 3s tyres and 100k/500k/100k diff fluids and its drives so much better than with the stock tyres and empty diffs.
  10. That needs some centre diff fluid but not interested in it at all.
  11. I run mine on 4s with a 16th pinion and it's more than fast enough 👍
  12. I have seen the ones you have on a buggy on road and it looked to go well.I can't afford a set of tyres every run so hopefully the extremes could be an alternative.
  13. Hi I am after some new tyres for my hobao gt after the stock ones were bald after 1 run.Has anyone used the jetko extreme ones on road?
  14. I totally agree.I am keeping my outcast 8s and 6s but no more arrmas and the like for me.I bought a hyper gt roller new for £270 odd a couple of months ago and the quality is better than my arrmas even at such a low price.
  15. These🙂.The bags not the lipos.
  16. This is the program box I use.The lvc is set at only 3.0v which is to low so I have changed it to 3.4v.
  17. I have just put a racestar 4500kv in mine and I haven't Benn out with it yet but it's definitely faster.Like you I don't want crazy speeds so hopefully this should be good.No the mesh isn't adjustable as mentioned but I am sure it could be done.I reckon with a 2s this will be crazy.
  18. Titanium skids for the hyper gt that don't fit unfortunately
  19. Converting the tracer to brushless
  20. Just need the battery connection plug to come then I can fit a radio,centre the servo and fit the servo saver and see if it works.
  21. I have 100k front,500k centre and 60k rear.
  22. A guy on ebay sells these.You have to cut them out yourself tho.
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