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  1. Thanks I am going to order them on pay day.
  2. Just ordered one of these to use with my boy and his granite.
  3. I am going to remove the slipper and use a hoss centre diff.Its 32 pitch so way better gears for brushless.The slash Centre diff is plastic and ment to melt easily and the other all metal slash one is very expensive.The hoss one is metal and plastic and priced inbetween the other two.
  4. No I don't run the lights.They were a pain to plug in and would come unplugged to easily so I removed the wires.
  5. No I had some screws laying around that were the rite length.
  6. I have twin ones of those fans on mine.
  7. My rally is going to be for off road.I have a car for on road but these rally s look really cool sliding around off road.I will go brushless soon but got to order the centre diff first but no more rc money this month☹
  8. Even brushed this is a fun car.Going to order the sway bars as once it's brushless it's going to roll.
  9. It's 2403 grams without a battery.
  10. I will try and find my scales after work.Its very lite compared to my dr8 and hobao hyper gt.
  11. Just got home and checked and its definitely the slash length chassis brace.
  12. Yep it came with both but on the rally you use the slash mount.Well I am 99% sure I used the slash mount.I will confirm when I get home from work but I deffinatley have the slash drive shaft.
  13. Are you sure it has a swb chassis?The part number for the rally and slash lcg chassis are the same and I have the slash ali centre driveshaft and chassis brace and they are a direct fit?
  14. I think all the slash parts fit.The arms and driveshafts will make the wheels stick out from the body tho.Mines still brushed so my boy can enjoy it for a bit but after I convert it I will probably run 2s.On the Facebook group some run 6s but that's speed runs and not bashing.
  15. I wish I had bought one of those dusty cover things when modelsport had them in stock.I didn't order one because I was worried it would cause heat issues.
  16. Thanks for the offer of buying the stockers but I want to keep them aswell so I can have an on road and off road set.Your rally sounds very nice👍.
  17. 17mm hexes and jetkos.
  18. I do love the look of it.
  19. I have the 17mm hex conversion on order for mine so I can run 1/8th buggy wheels and tyres for more off road capability.I am going to order the sway bar kit aswell as have read it works well on the rally.
  20. Yes its basically a lcg slash with shorted arms and driveshafts.I am going to get the centre diff for mine as it has the better pitch gears for brushless and from what I have read that's all that's really needed.
  21. That's a hard one.I have only had it out once.Handles very well and looks really good but obviously being brushed it's slow but my son loved it.I already have a 3s brushless system to put in it but if you don't have a spare system sitting around I don't know but to me it's deffinatley worth £300.Hope that helps.
  22. Aj's comment was in the arrma forum video
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