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  1. Hi yes i am afraid you will have to take the upper deck off.You wont have to remove the servos from the deck tho but you may have to take off the servo horns.There is 2 screws at the front and 2 at the bacg.Remove them and the top deck should lift off.There is 2 screws fixing the reciever box to the top deck.Undo them and you should be able to remove it.Then connect the failsafe.I am not sure if the one you have will fit in the reciever box.My one is to big but its not a very small one so i have velcroed it onto the top deck.I hope this helps and made sence.Its quite easy but hard to explain.I am sure if what i say isnt very clear someone else should be able to make it sound clearer.
  2. I know you say you cant hear it shifting but is it quicker now you have the 2 speed fitted?If it is it must be working ok.
  3. I have the hex adapters but havent fitted them yet.I was quite suprised how big my hpi wheels and dirtbonze are compared to the standard rascal wheels and tyres.I will fit them in the future as i reckon the extra ground clearance should help off road.As the wheels are bigger it will slow down the accelaration tho but will improve top speed.Pity you didnt get a pic of your rascal with the big 6's on
  4. How did it go with them fitted?Are big 6 wheels bigger than mt2 or rush evo wheels?
  5. Havoc rims on the rascal?All you will see is the wheels
  6. I did read somewhere that they shift quite late so maybe you arnt getting enough speed outside like you said.I fitted the roll bar and it looks as if it will take even more of a beating now and also makes it easier to hold while starting.I have also read that between the carb and engine there is a restricter to keep it from being totaly insane .I have only done 5 tanks with mine but i will give it a few more then see how the speed compares to the lst's .After that i will fit the 2 speed and compare them again to see the difference in speed the 2 speed makes.
  7. Hi you are the 1st person i have heard about who keeps breaking it .You said in your other post that you keep driving into walls and kurbs.I think that could be your answer.Try and find somewhere where there is more room to drive it.Any car will break if you keep hitting things with it
  8. Good to hear that the go28 is good.I had my lst2 going properly for the first time yesterday with the mach427 in it.It was flying and wheelieing as it was changing into second .If the go and other 28's are better,then i cant wait for the fun to begin
  9. I say save it for christmas aswell.I have a brand new rascal sitting in its box in the other room for christmas.Its been there for over a week and so far i have resisted the urge to have a look.Only thing is,i cant work out why father christmas delivered it so early .(i am only 35 )
  10. Hi have a look on www.truggyracers.com.There is loads of info about them in the st-1 section.I have got one and have put an sts28 in it and havegot the standard engine as a spare.An st-1 finished 3rd overall at the BRCA truck nationals only beaten by 2 crt's.Its a great truggy and exellent value for money .
  11. Cheers mate i could watch it on your link.Nippy little fellas arnt they
  12. Ah blimey i still cant see it.Must be somthing wrong with my pc .Went to youtube and put in schumacher rascal and only got 2 rascal and 3 manace vidz.Must have some kind of virus!Hey who said [CENSORED]!
  13. I have had a set of mulchers that i have had for over a year.Been on my savage,t-maxx and now the revo.Only ever used them on grass but they still have tons of grip left
  14. The 2 speed is out for it aswell now.Look forward to seeing it go with it fitted
  15. Hi i am getting a ARR Rascal.Going halves on it with my mum.From what i have read it sounds like a great little car
  16. I have a nice shiney brand new os18tm for mine.Got it from keith max for only £85
  17. I asked on maxbashing and a guy on there said he thinks his was 3 and a ha;f on the hsn and 6 and a half on the lsn.I will give that a go.
  18. Hi i had a look at the link you gave Hoss but i couldnt find the factory settings?
  19. Personaly i think any nitro truck collection isnt complete without a T-MAXX .
  20. I was going to get o'donnells but the shop didnt have any and i have read on many forums that o'donnells and byron are very similar in performance and reliability.I have seen an os 18 in a revo and it was very quick.Quicker than the traxxas 3.3.I was going to do the engine swap for the 3.3 but again i have read alot of bad reports on them.They seen to break con rods and things.
  21. I was using tornado 25% but have just changed to byrons but havent had the chance to run it yet.
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