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  1. was very impressed with the brushed and brushless versions. Think its been confirmed to cost about £90 odd which is a very good price for what you get! a 2200mah 2s will fit in comfortably and provide a bit of extra run time 👍 parts should be available on banggoods/ali x eventually but i am still awaiting confirmation on this from MJX
  2. ARRMA Vorteks & Emax FPV Drone now SOLD! Only have the FMS 1/24 Crawler remaining. Was £75 and now happy to let this go for £65 these will have a RRP of £135 once released so fancy grabbing one for less than half price? Cheers
  3. The buggy brushless version turned up today and have to say it is brilliant!
  4. More just added! FMS Fcx24, ARRMA Vorteks 3s BLX, SG1603 Pro Brushless and EZPilot Pro by Emaxx a great first FPV package!
  5. Just heard from MJX again so another quick update on the new hyper go brushless versions The gps and telemetry is now an optional extra and the base versions will not include the gps, gps receiver and Bluetooth transmitter. These three items will be in a package called T22 and available separately. Like this idea a lot as it should help to keep the cost down and the gps stuff was a bit gimmicky anyway. 👍
  6. Possibly! I mean they are very durable and easily capable to accept a brushless system even In their brushed form so we will see. If I find out anymore details will let you know 😎👍
  7. Love the little hyper go's! I recently spoke with MJX and the 2s/3s brushless versions will soon be released too they are just finishing production! They will be sending me a couple to try so stay tuned for the vids! Here is a little sneak peek of the specs (not sure im supposed to make it public yet but oh well 🤣
  8. Beetle Sold, WLTOYS Sold, GT power sound system pending payment. Just added an FMS Mogrich a great little 1/18 scale truck currently unavailable in the UK and a great chance to grab this awesome little scale truck! Will be adding another FMS New crawler in a couple weeks and that will probably be the last for a while. Will be doing another big sale later on in the year!
  9. would have liked to see an entire new platform. HPI has some tough competition these days with the likes of Arrma & Traxxas just dont think enough has been done to get people to go back to HPI. If priced right can see them doing well but no doubt will be priced similar to the competition and most people will go Arrma or Traxxas..
  10. More prices dropped. Some good stuff here especially the Beetle which will be £90odd once released in the UK and the wltoys 144010 which is an awesome little buggy and very quick. Doubt will drop prices any lower so if interested in anything get in touch. Will be adding a FMS Mogrich 1/18 scale truck soon and brand new FMS 1/24 crawler both unavailable here in the uk at the moment so keep an eye out for those 👍
  11. 1/10 defender sold, Prices dropped on remaining items
  12. Lancia Delta Sold and more added! Just added a 4s Racing Boat, UDIRC 1608 Beetle (Brand new release), GT power sound system and MN999 1/10 Defender 90
  13. Just added more and prices dropped on other items! 😉👍
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