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    XRAY Unveils the X12'20 Pan Car Kits

    Based on the ultra-successful X12 platform, XRAY proudly presents the all-new X12 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in high-competition races around the world, and ready out-of-the-box to take you to the Winners’ Circle.

    With XRAY’s no-compromise, high-competition focus, the X12 was split into two different platforms, each optimized for different track conditions out of the box with no extras needed.

    Whether on low to medium-grip tracks which are typical in Europe, or on super-high grip tracks which are typical in the US, there is an X12 to fit each occasion. Both choices are built on the same core platform with interchangeable parts..








    2020 All-New:

    • World Championship, ROAR National Championship and EFRA European Championship winning platform
    • All-new narrower chassis minimizes contact with the track surface during cornering
    • All-new side link mounting system via aluminum and graphite holders
    • All-new removable front suspension brace that allows steering response adjustment
    • All-new center shock absorber holders which updates the mounting positions and geometry to improve on-power steering
    • All-new servo holders with extra mounting positions for smaller servos
    • Includes graphite composite front upper arms to increase steering response
    • Includes lighter pod brace holder from graphite composite material to increase consistency and to resist flexing
    • All-new graphite backstop for battery pack in cross-chassis alignment alternative
    • Available in EU edition and US edition each suitable for different track conditions









    35a749309a8a0711.jpgSource: Liverc and Teamxray :) 

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