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Confused about gearing? Read this


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18 minutes ago, Paul Busby said:

In fairness, I was calculating the stock motor as 2200kv, when it's actually 2050kv... that was my error.


This is what my calculator spits out now with more correct info and a 13T:



Sounds about right to me.

Putting your revised figures in gives, which i think is close to your answer


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On 08/05/2009 at 14:05, amnesia said:

The gearchart I posted in post #11 will work with ANY chassis as long as you can work out your internal ratio.


the size of the pitch has no bearing on the ratio between the spur and pinion - ie a 75t spur and 25t pinion will give the same ratio on 48dp and 64dp of 3:1


If you want a higher top speed, use a lower Final Drive Ratio (FDR)... if you want quicker acceleration, use a higher FDR. Watch out for motor temps though with very low / high FDRs - all motors have an optimum range that will delivery best performance / longevity.




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Hi, I used to have a few electric rc cars when I was younger and want to get back into it. I have a 1/10 chassis and everything else, just ordered a new hobbywing ezrun max 10 esc and hobbywing 3652 motor to go on it. I have no idea about gearing up tho. Any help would greatly appreciated, and would any lipo work? Thankyou in advance anyone

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Great thread Garry! I'll definitely benefit from this when the time comes 🤓. It'll help me grossly overpower my UDR but maybe not destroy it first run. I'll have to have several different ratios since I want max power for any situation. You have helped me alot!

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