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What did the postie bring you today?


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13 minutes ago, BigGinge said:

@Jack Reacher, what is that? Looks nice; I especially like the wheels in it. 

Cheers dude, its the UDI RC 1/16th pro, brushless its a nice model and pretty quick but not planning to keep it to long as i plan on getting a 1/10th rally type car, so other stuff will need to go, but it will be fun for a while

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1 hour ago, rccar4life said:


why do you use  postimg, they have close all VPNs

Sad no one with VPN can see your fotos


The forums own file attachment works fine

Old habits, we used to have a very limited amount of storage for each member and mine run out, it’s been increased but I’ve never really got in the habit of using it 😂




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29 minutes ago, rccar4life said:


many say this TRX Rally cars are so fun.

Do you agree ?


Can it fit 1/8 bodies with 325mm wheelbase ?


is it like Slash 4x4 ?

To be honest I have only given it a quick run in the street with a 25t pinion but it was way to higher geared and got to hot and I am going to put an arrma 3s system in it but it handled nice and its very lite.Yes its a slash with telluride arms.

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4 hours ago, wombat said:

IMG_20220624_122835.thumb.jpg.73e6cdfafd2538334f9ab893269b9be8.jpgordered from Modelsport yesterday, arrived today,  excellent 😀

great rig, but well worth stripping transmission and axles to re lube them as they will be rather dry, go careful with the hex bolts, they can round out

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39 minutes ago, rccar4life said:


Nice, you have any threadh about these builds ?


No I have not, the lunchbox I have to build and just started on the firedragon, the other cars I have for some years, but I am going to post some pics when I am done with the car.

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On 02/07/2022 at 10:22, Kpowell911 said:

This came in the week but the Mrs put it in her lunch bag and took it to work???




To fix the TRX4, shame its not black, looks a bit “bling”

woot same ones i have on the trx-4 their holding up pretty well 🙂

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