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Hobby King


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Has anyone used Hobby King on here?


I ask as I can get some lipos for a quite ridiculous price and from UK warehouse (apparently) my age belief in the old saying of.... if its too good to be true..

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Yeah, got a couple of HobbyKing Zippy 2s and some 3s Turnigy. They were my only supplier for a lot of years as no-one wants to ship lipo to Scottish islands it seems. 

Mine have been good though I have read of the odd lemon. 

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Used to get loads from Hobbyking years ago until they closed the UK Warehouse. Batteries, Planes, drone stuff etc.
They are now beginning to get a lot more stock back in so that's great. 
Purchased 2 planes in the last couple weeks and a few batteries to go with them. Not as cheap as i remember but never had a problem.

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Had a punt at the Hobby King new turnigy rapid lipos far too cheap for what they are and I thought got me a scam and I tell you what I was surprised how good they have been so far, low resistance and same run time as my gensace lipos in my buggy.


What I have found is that the volt drop has been consistent on the turnigy ones. The esc LVC is 3.3v for my buggy and they stop dead on 3.3v they haven't dropped passed it of yet 🤞 another good place to try is UK Warehouse LiPO Batteries Restocked — ChinaHobbyLine this place has some cracking sale offers and free shipping over a set amount ( cannot remember what ).  

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Another good experience for hobby king here. Been buying lipo’s from them for years. My favourite thing about them is the filter on their site - if you have battery tray dimensions you can filter their batteries by size. Should be standard for anyone selling lipo’s in my view. Sorry, I will bore off now 🤣

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