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Hello, I am in the process of building a shoestring budget RC car (started life as a mini quad) and I have everything I need to start installing the radio gear however I have 2 slight issues 

1) I have a 12.6v servo for the steering and the power for the radio gear is 6v (I believe)

2) I want to use a 12v lead acid battery from a scooter for the power supply to the radio gear and the steering servo(due to budget constraints). 


I'm a bit naive when it comes to electricity so thought I'd ask here 😁(normally I'd just try it and see what happened)


 Is it possible to power the radio gear via a voltage stepper 12v-6v to power the electronics and then connect the steering servo(12.6v) to the 12v battery (I'll lose 0.6v to power the servo) positive terminal and then ground it on the frame and run the control signal from the radio gear to the 12v servo to power and control it,I don't think the radio gear can handle 12v or I'd just run the big servo through that. 

Or simply put is there a way to connect , control and power a bigger servo using standard RC radio gear with an external power supply attached to  larger servo and just have the signal wire from the radio gear make it move.will there be interference issues 



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like it should work with the stepper. I know that when I wired up a BEC directly to my servo it needed a negative shared with the rest of the circuit or it doesn't work correctly. I got the wiring idea from a post on here 

Maybe some ideas from this might help 🙂

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Lead acid will be very heavy, too heavy. You want either nimh or lipo. Lipo will need low voltage protection, and be cared for to avoid fires. 


You don't ground anything, we generally don't use the chassis for that, just positive and negative cabling. 


You'd be better off buying a standard RC servo. 

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