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Traxxas EMaxx ESC / Battery Problems

Dan Barlow

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Hi All, I’m having some trouble with my old EMaxx, I just replaced the LiPo batteries as the old ones had died. I’ve not used it for a while and with the new batteries fitted (possibly unrelated) it’s doing some crazy stuff with the throttle (steering is working fine). I assumed that the ESC needs calibrating but when I hold the button down to recalibrate it just switches the ESC off. Am I doing something wrong?

When switched on I’ve had no throttle at all, or it just randomly spins in forward and reverse when the throttle isn’t pressed. 

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See if this is any help ? https://traxxas.com/support/Programming-Your-Traxxas-Electronic-Speed-Control


If not maybe some crap under the button interfering with the switching it on / off long hold process. Can always crack it open and blow any crap off that's under the button.

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