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Buggy carry bag


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Does anyone have a carry bag for the 1/8th buggy? I'm looking for something to carry my Arrma Typhon 6s on my back... So far I've just found these two. Are there any other options?





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I used an old Turnigy bag for a while, but I think they have long since stopped making those.


More recently, I used a Mil-Tec backpack. It;s a proper rucksack with loads of extra pockets and sections for stuff...but it;s main trick is it zips up, and the zip covers the top and down BOTH sides, so it opens completely.

Very durable ( I have been using one on the biker to commute to work for over 10 years, and it's still solid. Not as waterproof as it used to be, but the straps are sound.

It also is a Molle pack, so you have attachment points for carabiners, bungees etc. so if it won;t go in, ity can go on the outside instead!


They do small packs, but the 36L one is probably right at 55cm x 29cm x 28cm.




come in various colours

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I just use a cheap rucksack from sports direct. Its handy to be able to fasten muddy vehicles to the ouside, easier to clean

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