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Hi All,


I’m getting back into RC Cars and recently bought the car I wanted as a kid, a Tamiya Grasshopper.  The build didn’t even take a day, so I’m already thinking of the next kit.  I quite fancy a drift RC so if you have any recommendations or dos and donts, they’ll be gratefully received. 

My Current  line up is:


Tamiya Grasshopper (current model)

Tamiya Firedragon (original)

Tamiya Monster Beetle (original)

Traxxas Jato 3.3

Kyosho Pureten Spider GP mk4

Thunder Tiger (something or other, looks like the pureten)

FTX Vantage Brushless


If anyone is on insta I’ve just started a new account and wouldn’t mind a follow or two - @model_matt_ers 




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Welcome aboard 🙂


The Grasshopper is a fairly simple build, and a pretty old design, but I totally get the nostalgia. I keep getting the urge to build a Lunchbox, which is similarly dated, only I would have to try and rectify it's worst design flaws.


can't help with a drift car, as the only Rc I have done any 'drifting' with was a Baja 5B, which on loose dirt was quite capable going sideways!

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