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ToolkitRC M4 Pocket Charger and SC100 Cable Review

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So was looking for a compact charger for field use and came across the M4 by ToolkitRC so decided to pick one up and here is a brief review of it.


I will be updating the review as i go along as I don't want to write a massive post for it to all disappear after hitting "submit"


I ordered the charger and the SC100 cable, the cable is not required to be able to use the charger.



Input voltage is 725V and can be via USBC or XT60




Output is via XT30 or XT60




Connected to my 13.8v AC/DC PSU



So screen is pretty self explanatory. 

Top line - time - Input voltage - Charger temperature

Second line - Cutoff voltage

Third line - Charge rate 1A 2A 3A 5A

Left - Battery voltage and charge information

Right - Cell information

Single button  - Holding down for 1 second switches charge rate - Holding down for 2 seconds changes cutoff voltage




Connecting a battery




Took 70 minutes to charge



I also tried it connected to my Allpowers portable battery bank as this is what i was looking to use in the field. USBC outputs a good 20V.

As you may have seen when connecting a battery discharger and balance cables it's very "tight" so i added extensions cables.




My usb cable also displays watts.










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