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Can you weather proof savage flux and bullet against sand, water etc?


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Waterproof is no problem, use silicone , balloons, clingfilm and a reciever box, as for sand , imo, it will destroy wheel bearings and everything else it can get into, and salt water will not help unless you are into scrupulous cleaning after every run

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I run on beaches a lot with an ECX Torment, Tamiya Wild One, Clodbuster and Kyosho USA-1.
I haven’t lost any parts to major corrosion or salt water. 

I treat any electronics that aren’t already waterproof with CorrosionX and that has served me very well. After every run the cars get a good hose down with fresh water to remove any salt and sand and then dry them off and check for any problems before they get stored. Bearings will have a shortened life without question but it’s not instant death by any stretch. 

This isn’t a recommendation by any means as it is a lot harder on models than running in dirt etc due to the abrasiveness of sand. 

@wombat is on point, sand and salt will get in nearly everywhere it can so a good after run routine is important but I’ve never been too fussy about stripping and cleaning other than a good hose down and oiling where needed. 

The only time I’ve suffered big issues with salt is when I’m running in snow and ended up with road/grit salt in the car, that stuff is corrosive as hell. 

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