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who makes the best nimh cells now?


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so looking for some nimh cells for my 4 cell racer.


just wondering who makes the best cells now?


ive seen a few brands EP,  VP, Voltz , Lrp

after some good punch and voltage for the ministock class.


i have battery bars so can make my own packs if it means me buying 6 cell ones and tearing them down.




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yea they used to be good back in the day 20 years ago,everythings lipo now tho but the mini class requires nimh.


yes used to do cell matching back in the late 90's,seems to be a thing of the past now and everythings off the shelf RTR stuff now regards NiMh


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Ive always found overlander to be good value, use them in most of my crawlers

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Might be worth checking with your club, as a few are doing lipo trials at the moment. There will be a change over at some point, so clubs are experimenting (or at least watching other clubs experimenting!)


I say this because the club I'm about to start running at started a discussion last week, literally the day after I received my four nimh packs in the post!


I'm not upset, as I haven't joined the club yet, so they had no way of alerting me, and it's a big enough turnout of minis to find someone to race against anyway.

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