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A couple of questions about the FlySky GT3b controller

Kris D

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Hi there 

Regarding the flysky gt3b, I’m  wanting to know if I’m able to have a few different set ups for different users on the same car… and flick between them. For example a slow set up for my young nephew when he uses the car, and a fast set up for when I use it. 

Also, regarding the dual rate + - button control on the handle, it only controls channel 1  (steering) and I have to manually flick to channel 2 (throttle) if I want to adjust the dual rate  on the throttle, is there any way I can set it so that the default is channel 2 when I use the dual rate + - buttons? 

thanks in advance for any advice.






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if you adjust the dual rate for channel 2 ie,throttle then  you are also limiting braking power as it reduces the same for both inputs. Therefore use end point adjustment for throttle forward and brake, whch is individual.

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