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Hi from Swansea

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Hi all , I'm complete novice and need advice 

My 13 y/o son loves rc cars 

He has downs syndrome 

All the cars which have been bought for him so far have come from large toyshop with that said quality

The car controllers seem to last days /weeks due to him dropping them etc

He had taken to the twin toggle stick style controller is it possible to 

A- swap internals to a more robust controller ???

B- buy a universal controller??

Or am I better to start fresh with robust car and controller which I can get spares for ??

Car must be electric so he can use indoors and not too fast for this purpose 

As said I'm complete novice and looking for advice 

Many thanks in advance, chris

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Hi and welcome to the forum :cheers:

Stick type controllers arnt as common as wheel/trigger types but can be got

As for being more robust even an expensive rugged controller will break if dropped a few times 

There isnt really a universal type controller as different makers use different protocols on how the transmitter talks to the receiver so it maybe better buying a transmitter/receiver combo where you can buy additional receivers for different cars

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I would have a look online for a transmitter combo you like/price then check spares/receiver availability

Dumborc and Flysky seem to be well regarded by some members

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