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Hobao Hyper MT Sport Plus

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Picked very good condition used MT Sport Plus (from modelsport) This thing is huge. I'm hoping since this has been around for a while that someone has some advice. Will be used for light bashing on fields and gravel. Recommended fluids for shocks, front and rear differentials would be good. Preventative maintenance tips. 



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I've had about 6x 6s packs through it. Got to say its real fun, steering circle is horrendous but once you work out how to handle it you can switch directions in a jiffy. Manage to break a universal joint but that was entirely my fault. Currently waiting on part to arrive then I'll be back out. Boys birthday coming up, he would like an Arrma Granite boost 4x2 in orange. Looking forward to getting out with him with something better than his lunchbox 😂

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Yeah pin snapped on both. Figured the first one was caused by a crash but not 100% convinced now that a second one has gone. Wheels are huge so I can understand the strain these joints go through when landing. Luckily they come in packs of two so I had it fixed in a few minutes but at around £30 a pair I don't want to be changing them weekly.


Love the truck just a bit concerned now especially after a bit research that shows others have similar issues.


Looks like the MT2 and MTX have similar setup just 1mm longer. Visually look the same. If there was a design flaw I'd expect these models to have a noticeable difference.


Anyhow 4S and no jump for the next few weeks 😂

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