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Smoking ESC?!😮


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Just now, SXFoxstar said:

I did try that and the servo worked and when switched off it was dead (correctly). It’s just when the motor is connected it runs without any reason regardless of switch on/off or transmitter on or off

I mean next time around, with the new stuff

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14 minutes ago, locky said:

Good news at last! Hopefully a free replacement? We dont learn much when things go right. Now dont go and break it.

Yes a free replacement just starting to place it all back together now if my family ever give me a chance 😀

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On 07/05/2023 at 08:04, Lone-wolf said:

It’s been quite some time since you made this post but after my second stock motor packing up at the weekend I’ve taken your recommendation and ordered from banggood. Looking forward to replacing the parts and getting back on the road!

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After receiving the recommended brushless motor from banggood (8 days very impressed) it has been running awesome. Super fast, not sure if I am getting a reduced run time but I am now considering the leap to LiPo.

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