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Tamiya TT02B Neo Scorcher

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The blue springs look better. White was fine when the wheels were white...but looked out of place after. Blend in better now.


And I am sure the lad will love a Lunchbox.


Another RC that is BADLY in need of some serious modding!

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Had a little attempt at recording max speed. Download a free gps speedometer app then cable tied my phone to the upper brace. Went out into the street but it had just started to rain, car was a nightmare to keep in a straight line, space was limited and braking distance was horrendous. Anyway the app worked fine. I recorded 34 mph but I'm sure I'll beat this no problem with better conditions 


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very nice mate :good:

But does that battery fit ?

We used this style in our Lunchbox/Pumpkin as it just fits in battery holder. We couldnt get any of our square sided packs to fit 



Oh and happy birthday to the lad 🎂

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On 21/04/2023 at 20:38, Stormbringer said:

The Lunchbox and Pumpkin are so much fun not the fastest but wee wheely machines and so much fun :good:

Did i mention they are fun ?


I don't know if it's fair to say that, I'm also a member of the Tamiya Club forum, same user name not that I've ever posted there, but they have a couple of speed threads - Speed Thread and Speed Thread 2 for example, where members try and set speed records for the fastest model of Tamiya of their choice.  People are getting over 60mph close to 70mph out of Tamiya Lunch Boxes, Black Foots and other Tamiya models of that class, and some of the Tamiya models, these people are making relatively cheap and simple modifications to achieve these speeds - remember Tamiya kits generally only come with a silver can motor if they come with one no servo, ESC, receiver or Transmitter so I'm not taking those costs into account but even their silver can records section has some pretty impressive speeds, like removing the pinion and spur gear cover to install a larger tooth count pinion gear, and swapping out the pinion and spur gear from the ones supplied in the kit, cutting out parts of the pinion and spur gear cover or gear box or transmission to allow for much bigger gears to the stock ones or the official Tamiya hop-ups gears


As somebody new to all of this, I'm extremely impressed by what you can achieve with the humble Tamiya kit, in some ways it makes me want to try another manufacturers kit, but I much prefer running a 1/8 scale RCs and there are very few of those in kit form, even rolling chassis are very limited.

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I mostly enjoy building the cars reminds me of my childhood in my dad's workshop. These days it's all about providing similar experiences for my son, also family walks are so much more interesting with 2 rc's (not for my the other half and my older daughter but you can't please everyone right) 😁.


I agree you can't knock the humble Tamiya. Mine is plenty fast enough, the boys is set to around 40% throttle but he's only 5 🤯

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