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Tamiya TT02B Neo Scorcher

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Quick test fit of the front tower, measurements taken for nylon spacers. I only had access to 2.5mm thick aluminium plate so I decided to double them up. Original plan was to bond the two plates together but I really like the look of the twin design.


Purchased some ball heads but they don't fit the standard shocks, spun them up in the cordless drill. Quick tickle with a flat file and some sand paper they are now bushes. I'll shim them up with a nylon washer when assembled. 




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Made and painted some nylon spacers today. Not too sure how I feel about the twin towers, look a bit bulky and susceptible to damage. May go back to single or double them up for added strength. Going to proceed with the rears and see how it all looks when complete. Feedback comments welcome 







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Well this is how it looks with all the custom aluminium parts fitted.


Future plans -  New shocks and interested in fitting a gyro now on top of the upper chassis brace. 


Old shocks will get painted and fitted to the old Alpha. 


Any feedback good or bad welcome.


It's been a fun and satisfying project. Looking forward to getting it dirty at the weekend










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Thanks Stormbringer and Yes I'm not too sure, it does feel alot more solid but that's not always a good thing. Nothing lost but a little time, I have all the original parts if I need to revert back. 


I'll post the "I broke my rc" photos next week 😂

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Update - Tamiya high speed gear set arrived today. I have installed 19T pinion 68T spur. 



17T pinion 70T spur - 10.71:1 Ratio


New setup

19T pinion 68T spur - 9.31:1 Ratio


Hopefully get out tomorrow for a little test drive 🏎️


Also swapped out some standard screws for M3 machine screws. 










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Took the car out yesterday on gravel and mud, performance was good more than fast enough. Swapped to road wheels and took it to the local skate park today, over cooked the ramp 20ft launch and landed almost vertical on the nose. I need to rethink the front end or at least mend it and repaint. Was still good fun and thats what counts 😆





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Car looks good 🙂


I think you have just experienced the classic 'upgrade' issue. Metal parts can be stronger, but plastic parts can flex and spring back while metal ones bend. You can also find that impacts get transferred through to the next weakest part when you beef up one bit. But..if that was a high altitude smack onto the nose on a hard surface..it actually held up pretty well.


The ally uprights could still work ( after a good hammering to straighten them ) but I would look at some way of fitting a bumper or similar to absorb an impact like that again.

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Thanks Nitroholic, agreed I think if it was an aftermarket cast item it would have been worse, the plate aluminium took the impact nicely I suppose 🤔. I will not be jumping the car like that again it was just a moment of madness, I guess it happens to us all 🤯. My son though it was great and that's what counts, he's now asking for a Tamiya lunchbox for his birthday 👌

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