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OMP Hobby M1 & M2

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Yeah they certainly get some good reviews, but mainly from more experienced heli folk.  And mainly from the US too, was hoping someone here had some real world experiences to share.

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So youve flown cp helis then 

The principles should be same with the omp,s and shouldnt be as big a learning curve

Not sure if the omp helis are full blown 3d helis and could be quite twitchy tho

Im more a blade man myself and went through the little coax ,msr ,120sr then went onto cp got an mcpx v2 ,nano v1 , nano v2 ,130x , 450x and lately 230 s v2 and 150s

Also have a 180cfx trio but omg that is really twitchy and i can barely get it to hover and keep crashing it 😆 

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TBH, I wouldn't be flying 3D anyway, stick skills don't really allow it 😁  Just want something with enough oomph and authority so I can zip round the garden, the park when quiet, and be able to take the odd  lawn dart, hence why the direct drive appeals.


Out of interest, whats the 230S and 150S like for a CP beginner / plodder?

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Issue I have is I still fly with my DX6i, and it only has a two position flight mode switch, whereas all the recent Blade CP heli's have three flight modes (as does the 200 SRX but I have the RTF version of that).  Guess I could just have it programmed for Stability 1 & 2 and forget about the agility setting.

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In the manual it does list the dx6i set up for the 230s v2 not sure about the newer version 230s smart tho

The bnf controller for the 200 srx may be same as bnf for the 230 might be worth checking that out 

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