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Nitro question

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I'm looking to buy my first RC car, and I think it has to be Nitro.

I love engines and working on them!


My question is how do Nitro RC cars handle at lower speeds?

Aside from a beach to play about on I would like to mess about on technical hill climbs and forests etc.  

This will probably require slower running for control, can Nitro do this or would it possibly burn the clutch?

I'm not talking rock crawler slow, but slow., sometimes.

Videos I see of people bashing Nitro cars the throttle always seems to be ON/OFF.


Thanks for your time

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Technical hill climbing usually means low down torque is best with good low speed throttle control, which nitro isnt really suited to (2 strokes like high rpm) unless you want to bounce over terrain at moderate speed. Engine temps and clutches would need regular monitoring if constantly run at low speeds.

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Thanks for the reply, I guess I would be treating it more like a rock bouncer and would try to minimize the amount of slow speed running.  

Really just wanted to know if it was possible!

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