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How Long have you done RC Cars ? Years


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Now we are in the Middle of year 2022.


So how long have you done this RC Hobby ?  

Mainly Cars,  and what was your first RC Car ?


Years go fast.   I have been in this Hobby with RC Cars in 29-30years now

I did buy my first RC Boat a Nitro Kyosho about 20years ago.


RC Helis and Planes had bad luck with these only.

Now there is Planes with beginner/SAFE mode that i will try soon.


My first car was a Kyosho electric truck

only 1-2 years after i have also Nitro Car .


Been Active about 20years.

Couple years off here and there.


Now todays these cars are awsome. Brushless 6s rigs are durable and fast.    I feel that i will stay on now .  Because im so happy with modern Brushless rigs now.

Nitro cars was too much Noice and trouble. And got me bored many times.   

Modern Brushless rigs are AMAZING today.


Bonus info:


How many RC Cars you own today and had total ?

=  I have own about 90-100 of them total.  Today i have about  40-50 rigs.


Favorite RC Car/ Cars ?

Summertime =  Tamiya Vanessas Lunch Box 2s Brushless,  Custom Rock Crawler ,   Arrma Limitless 8s  and  Arrma TLR Tuned 1/8 roller buggy with new Hobbywing G2 160a 2500kv motor 4s .

Autumn/Winter snow=  Arrma Mojave EXB and Kraton 1/5 EXB 8s


please share your active years and favorite rig/rigs





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I've been in the hobby 3 years, first car ftx carnage. I had a  tamiya hornet when I was younger.

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Flippin heck! Where do I start? My first hobby grade rc was a beat up 2nd hand Tamiya SRB Rough Rider when I was 10 in 1988, I'm 44 now, following not being able to get parts for that I ended up with an equally beat up Tamiya Blackfoot which eventually morphed into a Monster Beetle then the collection started afterwards, loads of Tamiya's followed up until the mid to late 90's when girls and beer caught my attention for a while.


Had my fuss out the girls and beer bit and got back into RC Cars in 2006 and went straight into what was the heavyweight stuff of the time FG Marder platform series, then with the advent of getting an eBay account started buying old Tamiya's again to restore, then a few Traxxas 2wd's, Stampede's & Slash's, Telluride, Slash 4x4 etc.


Always flew Model Aeroplanes from being old enough to fly as my Dad did that full time throughout, I'm still flying.

4 Planes and 35 Cars at last count all servicable, I dont break much or sell on, collection just keeps growing and im running out of space!


I enjoy trail running with a Kanyon (of all things) when im  not flying, taken to the more relaxed side of RC recently.  :good:

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Im 35 years old now. My friend had a brand new Tamiya TA-02 Repsol Cosworth kit all built up. My Mum n Dad couldnt afford to get me one but around a year later I was bought a used Tamiya M-01 Mini Cooper by my parents aged when I was aged around 6. It had a 1400mah nicad and a timer switch charger. It had an Acoms Techniplus 27mhz radio (yellow band). I used it so much the chassis worn through. 

A few years later I got a Tamiya TL-01 Colin McRae Ford Focus, probably around 99/2000 and then my Nan bought me an Emaxx 3906 for doing well enough at school SATs I guess?  She lived in Devon.


I then got a job, aged 15 at Sainsburys. This earnt me a fair amount of money for my age, I went all in with the previously mentioned Emaxx, going full Brushless UE SuperMaxx and buying a Nitro .21 Savage with my work Xmas bonus money. Since then its been my main hobby. Ive had a few periods with no RCs, but I think Ive had close to if not more than 150 models since then. 

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Awsome stories,  People please share all of you,   this is wonderfull reading, feel good reading, memories and so


that Tamiya Mini Cooper was one of my first ones, lovely little car 🙂   


Vanessas Lunch Box is still going strong also :)

Always so fun to drive :)

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