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My Second Kraton EXB 8s 1/5 Large Scale Roller Build Max5 and more

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Arrma will soon cancel al Rollers.

This is sad.

So i did buy one more Kraton 8s EXB because of this.,  Also 4th Limitless Roller. 

I Love these cars so much, and i dont like stock Electronics at all.

Because of this i did buy extra Rollers.  And it is nice to have 2-4 extra rigs of the favorites.

If i crash one, i have other to play with and fix the crashed one without panic.


And sometimes if you drive far away to special places , it is good have extra rig with you, if you crash there.

No need drive back home instantly.

And also for Service purposes. 

You can do Diff oil change LACY style, one diff every other 2days.

Because you plan this way with dual or more Rigs of the same.

Shortly= you are never without you favorite rig,  Always one ready to go if you have more than one 🙂


So this is second time i do the finishing build.

I have learned couple ways to do it best way. Without the need take off side Guards and so on with this huge 56113 800kv Motor.


Here i share with Pictures how to do the finishing build LIKE A BOSS


start, my new second EXB 1/5 Kraton Roller build 





this is the only brace you leave, the upper front




NOW I Take one day OFF.,  NO stress.  Next thing to do is  Test all new electonics at the table, and do pro soldier job.

More is coming soon.


I have extra waterproof my ESC, Receiver, Fans, Steering Servo. and things with Corro-X spray. I will show and tell what it is Exactly tomorrow 

and show more pictures of the Work Progress



This is how to Do it Like the Boss /  Easy professional way

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Build  Continues



This is Bench testing that EVERYTHING works great before you Mount ANYTHING.

in my case Everything is new, and works fine.  

I have also done the Programming,  Calibrating, Center the Servo.

Now its time to start Soldering.  Connectors. Or you can wait with this if you want shorten cables and have tight nice fit .



Now we take Coke or Coffe break Again. 30 minutes. RELAX, no stress here.


After coffee i continue to Step 3.


Step 3, the first is to unscrew these 4 screws so you can take of the center module with diff and spur gear


Now we have the Center Module off.

And now we start with

1 Remove the Big Sprur gear

2 Remove the Center diff, open it, and fill more 20million oil if needed

3 And now it is time to Mount the Motor also and fix the Gear mesh . This is the easiest way to this when center module is off your rig. 

  This is the best way, you get 100% perfekt gear mest , and no need remove siteguards, also check the expensive center diff is great to do 

  and change the spur gear offcourse

Locktite Screws with blue locktite = everthing that goes to metal




More pictures soon and great info How to do it LIKE A BOSS






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Take apart center diff

check diff oil,

check all bearings grease level in whole center unit,

then mount the motor,

and make a perfekt Gear Mesh Like A Boss 




Look at this bone dry bearing, O.M.G  ,panik , add more Grease !!!  All Bearings was Bone Dry.  I added alot grease in ALL of them.




NOW we talking Well greased bearings ( VERY IMPORTANT ).  DUAL Life time at least.  No rust or dirt fits here ever anymore





THANK YOU ARRMA, I DONT NEED ANY 49 motor mounts, happy for one extra 56 thank you , thank you



Added more 20million  in Centerdiff,  fixed all Bearings like a Boss,   Everything sits now whit Lock tite,  more grease overall also,  LIKE A BOSS





i Feel so good.   IM Proud  Like A Boss , now its time Eat some good food.  And let the Lock Tite sit 24h .   Next is Step 5  Fit the Servo.  And Receiver + ESC



More tomorrow









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Servo Install, i have Center the Servo before also, IMPORTANT



Grease the softpads to cables in receiver box  with marine silicone, they stay fresh and 100% waterproof this way




Use Brake cleaner to clean receiver under and also bottom in receiver box so you your 3m tape sits well when you glue the receiver in the box




Same with the ESC  , Brake cleaner under ESC and top of receiver box before M3 tape this, also use 3-4 drops CA Glue to have EXTRA Strong ESC install, under the ESC and top of the Receiver drop,  just 3-4 drops CA Glue will be fine, and ESC will sit there strong.  It will be possible remove the ESC in future by use medium force 


This is how i do it

if you have a Max5 200a ESC Like me and like to avoid straps and things.




Servo saver install

Use manual, 

Grease the bearing extra here too.  These are BONE DRY 😞

Use also Marine Silicone to the two red gaskets so they stay fresh and extra waterproof, they will last alot longer

Grease with Marine Silicone everything, the two springs,  the whole metal thing and all plastic materials inside this servo saver.  Dont be shy with the Grease here.


Also Use the 4 screws to close the receiverbox that includes,   Atleast two of them, At the Receiver box is important. these are normally to mount the firma 160a ESC,  use them so you dont get any water inside receiver

Not in Foto, i have done this anyways.


Next is Step 6 , in 1-2days this:

I Change front diff oil to 1million, and extra grease Bearings in front also. Ackerman and Wheelbearings, also front diff bearings will have more grease. 

And i also change the stock front shock oils.      I do Front first,  then i relax 1 day , and take the rear day after or 2 later in step 7  NO Stress here


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Memory is low, no more pictures , why is this ?

Only one more photo fits and one half size.

Why is this forum have so little Foto memory ? i use smal pictures like 500kb only


Can not show my builds here 😞



Well i have done it anyways.

Change all diff oils, filled more grease in ALL bearings because they are always so dry, no matter what RC Brand you buy.


Now i have thicker oil in Front and rear,  1million in front,  500k in rear,  i may change to 2million in front and 1million rear later,  or do mix with 1 and 2 million and have 1.5million

in front and mix 1million with 500k to have 750k cst rear.


Now i will drive atleast 10packs with 1million front, 500k rear, i did also add little more 20million in center.

And ALL bearings are filled now with more grease, and 90% off all screws are double checked, many of them i did screw tiny bit more.,  so i feel safe now




Just couple more small things to do before Maiden run.

Cooler fans install on motor dual 40mm high voltage / high speed

Dusty motors cover

And install back the 3 chassie braces i removed in beginning to get nice access to everything and be able fill diff oils and all bearings

Also need solder battery connectors to ESC my 8mm Bullets.

Then Silicone spray whole rig and wipe it dry ( silicone protect everything exxept connectors ) is good do with new rigs.  

To avoid rust and dirt get stuck hard.


I will do these easy last things this Evening, all the hard work is done.


Tomorrow i will take this out and do Maiden run. 

I feel safe do it,.i have  check everything LIKE A BOSS , it will be nice 🙂




These strong nylon Wheelie bars is a must have.

Protects the rear and wing well, i have in my first 8s EXB also 

Cheap and very durable BangGood special to these 8s.  Must have item actually. Life saver


One last thing

i have change the shock oils to 100cst thinner than stock,  no i need screw down the springs only, i like have my springs sit tighter,

before this can be done you need change the shock oils to thinner.

I like this trick, no more loose springs ever after this.  Better for jumping.


I have also ordered RPM a arms all corners, will have droop screws self made then also.


I will run it decent untill i have RPM arms and chassie brace under before i do anything mental



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