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Hi from Northern Ireland

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Hey everyone.


Just joined the forum today and thought I’d introduce myself. 

My name is Stephen and I’m only really getting into the world of RC. 

Currently own an FTX Outback Mini 2.0 X Cub and an original Tamiya Grasshopper.


Looking forward to learning from others on here and hopefully sharing a bit more about my RC adventure so far. 



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13 hours ago, Yrkoon said:

heya, welcome to the forum, my dad stormbringer has one of the wee ftx crawlers and we both have grasshoppers as well 🙂

No way, that’s class. The wee crawlers are pretty capable I’ve found. 

The Grasshopper has been loads of fun too.

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dad and i got a pair of grasshoppers when lockdown first started, we are running the stock motors and mine is heavily abused now lol


heres a pic from when we first built them mine is the green one and on its second pair of back tyres 🙂




freshly built



built a grass hopper 2 recently as well but this time i put in a 540 size motor with 21 turns and it keeps flipping and doing silly stuff lol


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