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FTX 1/10th scale Kanyon Mountain Rescue Edition 2-Speed RTR


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  • Switchable 2-speed gearbox w/ high & low speeds
  • Functional winch can be operated from the transmitter
  • Iconic Kanyon body w/ new Mountain Rescue inspired livery
  • Scale radio antenna on body
  • Torquey 60 turn brushed motor
  • Locked scale axles
  • Scale multi-link suspension
  • Molded roof rack to hold scale accessories
  • 99% Ready-To-Run
  • Etronix 2.4ghz radio
  • Etronix 9Kg waterproof steering servo
  • 60 Amp waterproof brushed crawler ESC
  • Voltz 1800mAh NiMH 7.2V battery w/ charger
  • Oil filled adjustable shocks
  • Aluminum front/rear bumper & body mounts
  • Plastic molded fenders, roof rack, & light bar
  • Scale wheels w/super soft block tires
  • 13 factory fitted LED lights




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Interesting update on the old model, often considered getting a Kanyon but its not without its faults, body shell is very weak and mounting points needs beefing up, also its huge being more like 1/8th, and no choice of other body shells

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6 minutes ago, Jack Reacher said:

careful with the polished turd..............some people really like this model 😃

then the very best of luck to each and everyone of them, my opinion still stands though :good:

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  • 3 weeks later...

I quite fancy one of these,  having bought a standard Kanyon and the DF-4J '10 Year Edition' in 2020, same chassis at the Kanyon Mountain Rescue,

Kanyon + 2 speed gearbox + winch.


Will still need that alloy angle brace mod doing so the mounts dont collapse on the first outing.


Under no illusions here, lipstick on a pig is still a pig with lipstick on it. :rofl:


But I kind of like my 2 :good:

Edited by Sweeney.
missed 'and' out
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They do the work I need them todo :good: fast trail running on the flat mainly, my Kanyon is running an Absima A10 brushless, outlaw open diffs in both, RC4WD copy twin motor winch for nose weight, alloy chassis rails mod on both, Steel pinions in both, DF-4J runs a 1080 and a Surpass 5 slot 550 12 turn, both are a blast just on 2S, sitting lowish on soft springs and they look box stock other than that but go really well and cruise at walking pace very nicely. :good:

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