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Chop shop G500

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Can't go back now lol.

I've wanted to do it for ages, every time we've been out with this truck I always wanted to alter it.

Well its done now 😁

I'll probably do a little work on it here and there, in between finishing the udr and a few other real life 'projects'.

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First mock up to see if I can get the look I want. 

Cardboard first of course.


A long way to go yet 😜

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Managed to get the body conversion finished by doing a little bit most evenings.












My aim was to do all this without having to buy any parts or materials, and I managed to.

The metal bumpers were bought about a year ago, I kept meaning to fit them, eventually.  Took a bit of tweaking to fit and to get both as high and pulled in close for a better incline clearance. 

I was going to colour the bed sides blue but I quite like the grey so I'll leave it.


The chassis is now stripped down for a deep clean, grease service and to fit the alloy parts, machined spiral gears, alloy axles etc  like I did to the Sport version.

I'll fit some other wheels also because the foams in these are knackered.

Should hopefully have it all done within a few days and then get back out there getting dirty.


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Ready to go now.

Alloy gearbox, machined spiral gears, mip driveshafts, alloy axles etc. Bit of brass but less than appears, some of it is gold aluminium. 

Also BF Goodridges on cheap chinese alloy wheels.

Chassis is pretty much the same as our sport now.

Most of it was straightforward but the front axle geometry took a lot of fettling to get right.  I put it down to the previously fitted lift kit throwing alignments out.  

I know it's not too much of an issue on crawlers but I now have zero bump steer, after swapping rod ends and cutting a few mm off of one.







Decent approach angles.





Pretty sure this rig weighed 5kg after converting the bodyshell and prior to altering the chassis running gear, and without the 410gram battery.

It now weighs 5.97kg with the battery installed.  Left to right and cross weights came out good.


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