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Hello all brand new on here and apart from having RC’s as a kid have waited until my yiu gnome has shown interest - he is 7 and that time has come (yipeee). He has just bought this one and is super impressive but I’m wondering a few things if you can help:


1) what upgrades are best to purchase to improve it further when the time comes? 


2) what parts are likely to break and need the ally upgrades?  (He will only be driving it on light terrain , concrete with small pot holes, uneven grass. I will purchase these ahead of time


3) is there a way of making it quicker (he is already getting used too it)


4) no idea difference and benefit of BL v non BL (and do I need to worry about it?)


5) does a larger capacity battery just give you extra run time or speed as well? 


Kr and thanks 



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Posted (edited)

Taking your questions kind of in reverse order....


A larger capacity battery will give you longer run times not more speed. To get more speed, you would need to do other things. Higher voltage packs give more speed, but it is unlikely the stock electrics would be able to handle this. A higher mAh pack than the 700 supplied is available and at 1300mAh  will mean you can run quite a bit longer before a recharge. Any bigger, and you may well run into space issues. As they list it as an option...that pack will fit.


Brushed motors basically have the fixed magnets in the case, and spin a coil of wire inside it. It needs brushes to allow the battery to power up the coil to generate the magnetic field to spin the motor. Brushes mean friction and wear. Brushless puts the fixed magnet on the spinning bit...and then energises coils in the case in a series of pulses to spin it. Much less friction. Much better efficiency. More power as a result. You could potentially fit a brushless motor, but you would also have to swap the ESC ( unless they state the ESC is able to run brushless motors ) ...and in this case, as its combined, the radio gear too. You're also now going to need to upgrade the driveline to cope with the extra power, or suffer a loss in reliability. Which brings us to...




They list a few upgrades such as a metal spur gear, machined diff gears and outdrives, adjustable shocks and metal driveshafts/CV axles.


Now...I don't know what it is getting as stock, but it looks like there are plastic gears in the diff, and plastic driveshafts ... then brushless will destroy those in fairly short order. Replace with the improved parts if the stock ones fail. The real thing you need to think about is whether investing £50-£100 in this truggy is worth the expense. £30 would upgrade both the diffs to machined gears, another £7 for a metal spur. £20 for ally bodied shocks...then £50 for a brushless motor and ESC, and new radio gear.... I would hold off upgrading...and put that money towards a bigger and better vehicle.


Spare parts for breakages, however, are always worth having. Upper and lower suspension arms, suspension uprights and shock towers. Plus wheel hexes and wheel nuts. I'd also pick up a metal spur gear for when that strips. Just don;t go crazy as you might never actually need them

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