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Hello from Bristol

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I've always liked RC cars since the early 80s and Airfix models in the 70s. Dream car back then was a Tamiya Cheetah but I never had enough pocket money to get one. After that the dream was a Rough Rider or Sand Scorcher but I had no chance of that! I finally ended up with a Sand Rover, which was great fun.


Anyway, I bought my (30 something) nephew a little Associated 1/28th car for Christmas 2020. Obviously, for research purposes, I bought one for myself as well.  Now, around 17 months or so later, he now has a number of cars, including an Arrma 8s Kraton EXB and Outcast 8s EXB and I have an Arrma Mojave EXB and Kraton 6s EXB, plus a number of other cars, including some more Associated 1/28ths. Disappointed Associated discontinued the 1/28th buggy.


I'm not really sure how all this happened as I'm now working on some bodyshells for a couple of Tamiya cars I bought my nephew in exchange for his unused Associated Rival MT10, which I think was a good deal.  I've just finished one (Escort Custom) so might post some pictures. I haven't done a bodyshell for at least 25 years so quite pleased with the result. Next one is a Mustang.

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Welcome to MSUK!


I did pretty much the same but bought for my son. It’s addictive ain’t it 😅

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