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V2 UDR with the lighting kit, where to power accessories from.

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So I'm wanting to power a couple of things such as motor fan, version 2 GPS module etc in the udr.

The instructions with the gps unit say I can either use the receiver (don't want to do that) or the esc or the high power lights module.

The lights module is already using the plug on the esc, I could tap the wires I suppose as long as it doesn't cause the lights to glitch.

Or its plug and play if I just plug into the accessory socket on the lighting module. Under the rubber bung there are two connections, I think one has 4 pins and the other 3. 

The cable hasn't arrived yet so I've no idea how many pins it uses or if all pins are used.

Which one should I plug into? I'd rather not just guess and end up damaging expensive electronics.

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Posted (edited)

Well the wires turned up early in the post.

Diagram for cable trx6565 is not too clear but it looks like it plugs into the top socket of the lighting high voltage power amplifier.



I'm hoping I can tap into some wires somewhere for powering the motor fan.

I might just end up taking it from the receiver.

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Posted (edited)
15 minutes ago, Stormbringer said:

You could use a y lead 


Add a Y lead on the battery cables?

I don't think it's that simple on the udr because of the way the dual battery connectors are wired and placed.  

Adding a short extension with the fly lead such as this:


Won't fit and gets in the way of the battery door and other clearance problems.


I suppose I could add my own wire tap on the back of the battery sockets but they are wired in series or parallel (can't remember which term it is).

I intend to run a single 4s but might run the occasional 2x 3s lipos so i need to keep the stock battery socket setup.

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