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Carson RC 3.0 1/8 Climb Warrior RTR


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  • Fully pre-assembled and painted
  • 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Independent front suspension
  • Solid rear axle w/ locked differential
  • High grip tires on desert truck rims
  • Heavy duty oil shocks with aluminium bodies
  • all bearings throughout
  • Width – 330mm
  • Weight – 2361 grams
  • Waterproof 9 kg steering servo
  • Comes w/ battery & charger
  • Two colours to chose from






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Interesting design.

So, is this a slow-crawler type of deal, or a basher, a-la FTX Outlaw?


If priced correctly, this could potentially steal some of the Outlaw's market, because we need a budget U4-style truck/buggy that's stronger than the FTX-brand-cheddar, but much cheaper than the Losi Baja Rey and the like.

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This isn't styled like a crawler. It's styled like a racer. I like the looks, and have always liked this style of solid axle buggy, but the big question would have to be durability.


Prety sure Carson are not going to be the maker of this, as they are usually rebranding the generic Chinese trucks, which mean it gets sold under a load of different badges and names. Wonder if it is going to be sold as FTX etc. If its cheap enough and durable enough... I;d give one a go

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i like that price.


Sad they have open spurgear in plastic.

This will fail many times when driving in sand areas sadly

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