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****Official**** Corally Kronos/Shogun/XTR Thread

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My Kronos GTR story starts here...

Having read all sorts of stuff about issues with pivot balls and carriers, I was keen to see if they are the revised, stronger version or the ones that fall off. It's quite difficult to tell and I was looking for reinforcement webbing - but they look the same.

The body has clips and tethers pre-fitted. This surprised me as early reviewers complained that they had to fit them themselves.

Suspension is silky smooth, no rubbing of springs on shock bodies and no air in the shock oil.

Steering is super free and with zero slop.

Nothing looks cheap or poorly put together.

All that being said, I personally would still have preferred putting it together myself. I still need to choose my electronics etc, so it would not have bothered me spending a few hours building this car and getting to know it.

Make no mistake, whilst I find it quite difficult these days to get ultra excited about an RC car, this is a remarkable rig - it really is.

1/8th scale is a sweet spot size-wise for off road trucks and buggies. Large enough to run on un-prepared ground, but small enough to have low weight.

The Kronos XTR is certainly in that zone but it's bigger and heavier than my Xray XT8 at around 4000g. Considering the bracing and over-engineered everything,, it's still impressively light.

The chassis looks absolutely sub-zero cool. My first upgrades will be carbon parts for the A arms and steering plate.

Receiver is on the way. I'm still open minded about what Motor and ESC to use, but I'm very tempted to try the Kuros 185 motor and Corally ESC. Obviously, if you guys here think that there are better combo's to be had, please feel free to point me in the right direction.

I'll take some more pictures tomorrow. But so far, I'm very impressed and can't wrap my head around such negativity towards this outstanding rig.
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For now, I've ordered Torox/Kuros 185 electronics. This motor esc combination is very rapid on 6S and smooth/controllable on 4S, so seems a logical place to start.

From what I gather, I can get a motor mount riser from Basherqueen if I want to experiment with 'big block' motors, negating any need to gouge or trim any of the side guard mounting screws.

It's far quieter here in relation to the Kronos than I was expecting, but I suppose RCTech is not the usual forum for bashers.

I'll keep updating this thread though. There are bound to be some other members that get one soon......

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RC Guy Garage didn't have much luck with his.

However, I encouraged him to persevere. Amazingly he responded with this!

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Looks nice in both flavours IMO, but it's nice to have 1 that's different to the rest.

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Tech Elite
So, onto the electronics which are being fitted today.

I'm ordering a AGF-RC A81BHMW servo - I've seen no bad reports for these and whilst I've got a nice selection of Protek 170's in my other cars, I'm struggling to source them at a sensible price at this current time. I don't really feel like paying £170 or more.

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Picked up one of these 6S 60C Gens Ace Hard Case Lipos at a good price. Might get a couple of 4S as well for more sensible running.


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Dual lock used for firm securing of ESC & Switch. I can literally pick the truck up by the ESC! So it's much better than velcro. The other nice thing is, you can pry them off without having to re-apply double sided tape all the time, which was one of things I hated with electric 1/10th.

I've used this stuff on the Drones as well and it's awesome. I'll always keep this stuff in my pit box.

I removed the battery holder and noticed the non-captive nut is also not a nyloc, which is a bit disappointing, so it's been replaced with one. The next very minor gripe is the lack of screw that holds the ESC mounting plate to the chassis. The counter sunk hole was there in the chassis, but the M3 screw had simply not been installed during the factory build.

Yet another example of why it's better to build these kind of cars yourself. There's simply no way somebody on a line can afford the same kind of loving attention to detail as we can.
Things are much more likely to stay put now. I'm convinced that a 6S battery flapping about isn't a good idea. 🤣

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So, the AGF-RC A81BHMW has been on my bench for a couple of days and Christmas holidays approach......

Neat packaging, rosey coloured display
Nice alloy clamping horn provided
Mounting grommets and nylon horns

It's looking like a very high value package with good specs. It's fine to run on 8.4v, so 45kg torque and 0.08/60° speed should be ample everything for a Truggy. Waterproof and also programmable (for those that feel the need to get geeky with their servos).

Let's see how it does......

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So the AGF-RC A81BHMW was fitted with the anti-vibration grommets and installed into radio box.

It seems there are a growing number of pros that dislike using grommets, stating that centering is negatively affected.

Personally, I find if the grommets are well fitted and tightened down just right, there's no perceptible centering issues at all.

You'll see people discuss this and many claim that modern servo's IC boards and electronics are much less prone to vibration issues - though nobody appears in a hurry to actually explain how.

In my estimation, they still have boards with tiny components soldered on to them in exactly the same way as before.

I also read plenty of online stuff where people complain about manufacturers NOT replacing servos that have failed. Go figure.

Having bound my Futaba 3VCS to the FrSky 4ch FASST receiver, I was ready to set endpoints on the servo and calibrate the ESC. Note: binding the receiver seemed not to be working at first - but this was because my transmitter was on a new model setup with 'PCM' modulation as default. This was set to HRS and it was then ready to bind.


According to the Corally ESC instructions, Futaba radios need to have their throttle channel set to 'Rev', so I that's what I did

With the 6S Gens Ace 60C 4800 lipo hooked up, I set the throttle neutral, full and brake points.

To my utter astonishment, it all works flawlessly first time and the servo is super smooth, accurate, fast and near silent. Very impressed!

The red alloy horn supplied wasn't appearing to fit the splines on my servo very well, so I used the nice clamping horn supplied with the AGF-RC 81BMHW



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Well today, I have concluded that all my years racing and tinkering with RC cars has brought me to the exact right spot.

I haven't rushed into everything or bought loads of stuff that I didn't really like, but on the other hand, I haven't really been static either or limited myself to just one niche.

Imagine my surprise when, after running my Kronos XTR for the first time, I realised that brushless is everything I liked about my 1/10th electric and 1/8th IC Buggys all rolled into a big, bad, insane Truggy. If the Xray XT8 was a scalpel, the Kronos XTR would be a chainsaw.

It's literally awesome. I haven't had this much fun since I waited for the overnight charge of my Tamiya 7.2v hump pack to finish up so I could go blast my Sand Scorcher around the Alleys!

In fairness, it sounds smooth and uneventful but it belies a machine that is bonkers in every way. 6S is OTT but fun. On 4S it would probably still be far from sensible, but less stressful!

Amazingly, it's still all in one piece and hasn't been scuffed up yet. Wheelies occur just by looking at the throttle. I'd hate it to get road rash, but it's going to happen....


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27 minutes ago, froggy8 said:

good write up mate 🙂 



what is the differences between the xp and the xtr?


Cheers! This thread was started in November on a different forum and I've transferred it here. 


As far as I can make out - besides the RTR coming with radio and electronics of course - the differences are primarily:


Carbon fibre stiffeners on chassis

7075 Alloy Towers and Braces

Alloy Centre diff

Hardened steel outdrives and axles


All this brushless malarkey is new to me - I'm a nitro/petrol head - so please note I have no previous experience with the Kronos XP. 


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5 minutes ago, Kpowell911 said:

Epic write up! Threads like this are just want this forum needs!


However, its all too clean! Get it dirty!


Much obliged! I have lurked on this Forum for years, so my Kronos XTR write  up really needed to be here. 


I promise to get it all dirty soon. 


It's insane and there are plenty of places this thing has got to go. 


Anyone here know anything about the Basherqueen motor riser? 

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Nice write up and good to see the Team Corally get a good write up :good:

My son and I both like the Corally platforms Kronos,Triton and Shogun and really impressed with build quality and after sales support :cheers:

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8 hours ago, Stormbringer said:

Nice write up and good to see the Team Corally get a good write up :good:

My son and I both like the Corally platforms Kronos,Triton and Shogun and really impressed with build quality and after sales support :cheers:

That's great - father and son enjoying rigs like this together. 👍


I think the Corally trucks are great. The XTR is compared directly with the EXB as you might expect. Prominent YouTubers gave the XTR some very harsh treatment, followed by some very poor reviews. 


As I'm quite sure most of us won't repeatedly lawn dart our trucks fom 40 foot in the air, the truck's build is sufficiently burly to withstand jumps and tumbles. 


In fairness to Corally, the front hubs have been revised, but the XTRs are still supplied with the original ones. This hasn't been an issue for me yet, but we'll see. By all accounts, Corally ship out the revised items upon request if you've bought a new Kronos. 


What's quite apparent though, the Corally trucks are smooth, quiet and the electronics package is (for some reason) much quicker and torqier than the competition's. 😎😁



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Totally agree, great thread - it actually made me want a Kronos 😀


Can't beat a decent illustrated build thread. I come from an rc plane background and still refer back to threads created years ago on various forums.

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  • horatio changed the title to ****Official**** Corally Kronos/Shogun/XTR Thread

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