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Brushless motor rpm vs cells


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I’m still trying to find out how to use this chart, but I’m total noob...


I’m running two 2S 7.4V 5200mah batteries (which means 4S?) and I have single 6S battery which I was using with jumper. I’m running the oem hpi scream brushless motor and the oem ESC and doesn’t matter which batteries I’m using in less than 1min I could easily make the motor and esc proper burning. Now I ordered new ESC (tekin rx8) and I’m not sure if its possible to run it with the hpi scream motor. And if I want (need) to change the current motor, what should I get I mean like specs (how many KV). Also what else is important to know to make the right choice for the motor?

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You can run that motor with the Tekin. The right choice of motor for a Tekin ESC is a Tekin motor :). The RX8 is paired with a T8. Depends what you're running it in though but I'd get a sensored motor to run with that ESC.

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Hi, new guy here 👋 I’m new to the world of RC cars and bought a Tamiya Dark Impact DF03 as an introductory car. After running on the standard kit for a week I decided to upgrade to a brushless set up. It seemed to go alright but after 10 minutes I started incurring a repetitive problem. It will run for 10 minutes but then cut out. I can hear the transmitter and receiver working together but there’s either no motor movement or is stutters. If I leave it for a few mins it then seems to go again before cutting out again. I’m running a LiPo 4000mah 50C 7.4 2S, a 4370kv 9T 820W brushless motor and a 60A 5.8v/3A ESC. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. 

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