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Anyone else go shooting ?


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owned a bsa meteor , then moved to a BSA supersport


then i got my hands on a rare gun, a cartridge charged air rifle.

a small cartridge in the shape and design of a shell round, with a air res built in

each cart was pre charged with 10 pumps of pressure.

the cart was loaded via bolt action breech, first round was full penetration

a second burst could be obtained but at a much lower velocity. 


then i moved into Airsoft and owned a FN HERSTAL P90


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I've lost interest in it, I've got an Air Arms S200 and a weihrauch pistol. Neither have been shot for a year but i'll probably get back into it eventually.

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Went out with mine today for abit, got 2 squirrels but couldnt find the second one haha. Dropped into all the undergrowth


Heres the one i could find, not a bad shot tbh. He took one step then dropped, heart shot

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i had load of airguns but since the laws changed i have sold most of them.    as you can get tazered for carrying a bicycle pump nowadays as it's classed as a air weapon.  lol

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Used to shoot rabbits in my Uncles orchard, had a Browning over/under 12 which proved to be spectacularly useless in that environment. Stray shot in dense trees has to hit something and it ended up doing more damage to the trees than the bunnies! Had a lot more success dusting off the ancient Weibracht HW77 I used as a kid but still not great.

I sold the shotgun when we found a far better solution - a Bengal Owl. It turns out a couple of guys with shotguns are no match for natures most finely honed nighttime killing machine.

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Got a few .177 blow back co2 BB pistols, that I plink at cans in the garden..


A pair of Tangfolio Witness's. I polished a lot of the parts, so they are sort of a reverse matched pair. Great fun dual wielding, those bean tins don't stand a chance  :xd:




Also have a GSG92 which is an awesome thing, I have also got a mini laser dot sight for it for a laugh. since this picture was taken it also has a few polished parts as well.




I used to have an HW95k but the misses made me get rid of it  :sly: she doesn't know I've got the BB guns hiding in my wardrobe still  :whistling:

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Mostly target rifles. From left to right

Smith and wesson black powder rep

.22-250 fox gun

Remington 12g semi auto lefty

.22 rim fire target rifle

Browning over under (my baby)

Mckinley over under skeet gun

.22 rim fire pest gun (lovely gun! Silenced with a 12 shot mag!)

.762 range rifle. (cannon!)

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I shoot but not really with the small stuff...I own a .22 air rifle but I also have access to 2x .22 rimfire rifles, a side by side 12 bore shotgun, a 22250, a .308 ex police rifle and a black powder pistol..that's just what we own. When I go to the range I can use anything that's there, mainly muzzle load, black power plus many other ex military rifles from ww1 and ww2, oh a delisle and a couple of rare guns (I can't quite remember the name)

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