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Post up a random picture and keep it clean please


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2 hours ago, James.S said:

@JonnyUK  Whoa! 😲 What sort of wind speeds were you getting up there?

Not sure of the official for here but probably 60/70mph.  Other side of the island, about 16 miles away, officially got 106 or 109mph yesterday.


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This is an excerpt from the University of lowa's satirical magazine 'The Judge' from 1921, which might be the very first documented meme!


The 102-year-old comic strip is suggested to be the first recorded use of the popular "What You Think You Look Like vs. What You Actually Look Like" meme,

where a two-pane image illustrates the discrepancy between one's own self-image and outside perceptions of physical attractiveness.



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Whitby is one of our go to destinations, always had good times. To be honest, id love to live there….


last time we went though a few of our favourite shops have gone and turned into something else which is a shame.

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