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So auto charge is best for nimh 6 cells. The first charge I did on the 1800mAh took bout 1 hour using auto charge on my e680. I take it charging above 1.8 would be bad idea then. I swear 30 years ago I was fast charging them in 20 to 30 minutes? 

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Hello, can i just buy Traxxas ID connectors and make my own battery lead extenders? will that work or there are some smart electronics that would "know" i did something? I want to charge my batteries inside Batsafe box, but can't due to short leads. My exact batteries and charger in a pic below. 


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Oh man, I didn't know those were a thing- leave it to traxxas to come up with a proprietary combined power and balancing connector style of plug for their models, batteries and chargers. That's awful ( for consumers- beginners to the hobby especially ).


You'll need a specific style of extension lead with the proper male and female connector on the end that is compatible- if you google for 'traxxas id extension cable' you'll find plenty of options thankfully, not worth trying to make your own given everything you'll need to buy and solder together just to make a couple leads.

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