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What did you do to your model today?


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Took out the little Trx4m bronco for some trail driving. 

I walked past a fallen tree a few times and wondered if the crawlers would go up or down it. 

The high stock gears are probably better for trail driving. 

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Dropped Mrs Bertberr off in Exeter first thing then drove up the road to a lovely billiard smooth car park on an industrial estate, completely empty, and enjoyed half an hour with the drifter followed by 10 mins or so with the XK K110.  Very windy, almost lost the little bird (the heli not Mrs Bertberr, I collected her later), but really enjoyed it, then back home to chores and DIY... 😒

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6 hours ago, MrCake said:

Had a go at sticking a JST on a LED light bar with a kit I picked up recently.  A bit small and fiddly but seemed to work.  Reminded me I should probably get my eyes tested!


Is there a reason the male servo connector section is bigger than the female servo connector section 😁

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