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What did you do to your model today?


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Got out my "paint booth" and painted a shell that I sold to my mate. Been a while so slowly getting back into it





And a little shake down from the other day. Can't wait to take this for a little speed run 😍 



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Rebuilt the back end of the Losi 5ive.

Shock tower and rear uprights to come next, leaving the arms themselves plastic though so there is some "give" in there. 

Toying with the idea of using front shocks on the rear, the arms go down a long way with the rear shocks and you have to use the droop screws to set the ride height. 

Thinking if i used front shocks on the rear i might be able to do away with the droop screws altogether. 


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3 minutes ago, Stormbringer said:

Arnt the droop screws there to protect the shocks from being pulled to far ?

Well they definitely set the ride height cause the issue is the screws being steel and the chassis being aluminium the screws chew up the chassis and it can alter the ride height somewhat.

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when did hobbywing start putting their esc's in tamiya boxes with a black coloured heat sink in stead of the purpley pink hobbywing heat sink 1060?


before i opened the wild one box i took a spare brand new hobbywing 1060 out its box and linked up all the eletronics i was gonna use, so i was super surprised when i opened the wild one box to see a 1060 with a black heat sink, is that standard for tamiya now? 1060 esc's in the box 🙂

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